The Reason Why

The purpose seems to be a fashion thing nowadays. Are you willing to give your best to develop your maximum potential? Have you realized that when you follow your passion, even the hard things become pleasant?

Start With Why is one of the most interesting books of leadership ever written. On it, Simon Sinek explains how some people and organizations were and could be able to outstand and make a difference.

The reason why you do something, the purpose, the belief behind what you do, is the most powerful foundation of every action. They are steroids for your intentions.

There is a Japanese concept called Ikigai, “reason for being”, which can be understood as the intersection of four big aspects of life:

  1. What you love, your passion.
  2. What you are good at, your talents.
  3. What you are able to be paid for, your value proposition.
  4. What the world needs, the market.

By combining these four elements together is supposed to have success, right? But sometimes, seems to be the purpose thing is so overrated and overwhelming. I’ve felt stucked so many times in “search” of a purpose about what I’m doing, instead just do it, following my guts, enjoying what I’m doing, by giving the best I can.

Yes, I’ll say again, the purpose is overrated. Ikigai is great, other tools are great but, if you’re not able to enjoy what you do, to give your best shot, to exceed what is expected, there’s no purpose, Ikigai or whatever you want to call it that helps you to succeed.

Indeed, the balance of those four dimensions, make any activity enjoyable, meaningful, encourageous, challenging and sustainable. Is not enough follow your passion, you have to be good at it or at least be willing to learn and get good at it. But even that’s not enough. You have to deliver value to others through what you do, serve others through what you do and if your intention is to live and die for it, the most reasonable is that you could earn enough money to cost you life from it.

Another key component, IMHO, to make the difference is the steady will and determination to move forward with your goal. In the way, there will be things not as pleasant, funny or meaningful, but if you keep steady, you will get the shits done and will get closer to the big picture.

The Simon Sinek ideas are awesome, Ikigai is an awesome framework too. Here you can find a zero waste TED Talk by Sinek, where he explains his concept about “start with why”. You can put subtitle in other languages (like Spanish) as well.

I’ll love to read your opinion about this topic.

Enjoy your life!

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