Watching from the outside

Recently, while I was doing Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun), a Yoga sequence I use to do in the morning, pretty good to stretch the whole body, I realized about how hard is to keep an impersonal approach at some edge situations.

I remembered a very insightful book called The Four Agreements, where basically explains a lot this approach. Like a flash all sort of situations came to my mind, decisions, reactions and feelings that pushed me out of myself.

I don’t believe in regrets, even when I have some. I think guilt doesn’t help you but only realize and learn about your experience. I think that every experience teach you something, again and again.

We are so deeply programmed by the environment around us. But is indeed this environment a reflection of who we are. By changing us, we also change what we experience.

I cannot say that we are taught to react. Rather, we are not taught to step back from ourselves and just watch. That simple practice has helped me to release a lot of angry, suffering and unnecessary stress. I’m not able to do it always, but when I’m on it, I feel great. It’s like defeating my greatest enemy: myself.

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